Current Work

Red-winged Blackbird

From Bird of the Day: This one just about took my breath away when I saw it. When everybody is moving and the camera is snapping away in bursts it is often hard to know what you have until it’s all on the screen, in edit, in front of you, and you start sorting.

The marsh next to Nichol’s Bros. Boat Yard is a hot-bed of Blackbird activity just now. It’s spring and love is in the air.

What is an Atelier, and how do you say it?

From 1985 through 1989 I studied drawing and painting with a community of painters in Minneapolis, that presented themselves and their methods as an Atelier. Atelier is French for studio. Each master artist in the community took a small number (six to a dozen) of students under their tutelage. These close, intimate groups would study and work together until the students had learned the skills that they needed and moved on. I joined Atelier Wicker/Howell. Cyd Wicker and Wayne Howell shared this endeavor jointly. I know, they could have called it Studio Wicker/Howell, but Atelier is much more cosmopolitan, and their heritage that dictates the usage and their style comes from the French Academy and art studios of the 19th century. Atelier is pronounced  at-l-yey; French atuh-lyey.