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I would like more conversation around the birds. I learn all kinds of things every day that I would like to share with you, and I know that you have comments and questions. So let’s do it. I have another blog page on this website that deals with the everyday business of being human, and it’s all good, if that’s what you want to talk about, or not. But this is just for the birds!


Good morning Becky,
Thank you for your comment. The Bird of the Day is turning into a wonderful community of like minded folks, for which I am so grateful. The BirdBlog is just getting started, and has lots of growing pains to look forward to, but together, we will make it work.

One thing that I see already, is that this dialogue system is not immediate. Your comments don’t get posted until I see them, and verify that they aren’t spam. With that said, my brain is mulling solutions already.

Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Thank you for starting this. I love getting your bird of the day in the morning before I head to work and I always have questions so look forward to learning from other’s questions and comments.

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