What’s on Your Mind?

I have just realized that a Blog requires me to make entries for you to comment on. OK, so what would you like to talk about? I know that a lot of you are either overwhelmed with email or other social media posts, or don’t know, or particularly care to get involved more than you already are. I get it. Virtual reality is not my cup of tea either, but this is the way we communicate these days. There is always a new technology that portends to make life better somehow, but adds its own difficulties in getting to that place of Nirvana.

Scattered over this page, you will see little hyperlinks (green type) that say “comment”. If you click your cursor over one of these, you will open a window that will allow you to talk to me directly on the website. I certainly appreciate and will not discourage the emails that you send me. This is just a different way of communicating, perhaps a little more direct.

So, I’m going to call it an evening. I will check my stockings in the morning and see what Santa has brought me. Peace and good will to all of you.


Hi Jason,
Harbinger – hmmm, I’ll have to look that up. If you do see Rufuses (more than one Rufus) then you will certainly know that winter is over. I get a kick out of what people expect from me. What I don’t know about birds, and that is much more than what I do know, I know where to look or who to ask.

Thanks for helping me launch the BirdBlog.

Hmmm…What are the harbingers of spring around my bird feeders? Should I see Western Red Tanagers? Rufus Hummingbirds?
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Cool! Keep it going. How soon until we start seeing Rufus Hummingbirds buzzing around our windows. Where are the Western Red Tanagers? What other harbingers of spring should I be on the lookout for?

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