Private Property

Yellow Rumped Warbler from the Maxwelton Valley

I was recently granted access to a large tract of private land in the Maxwelton Valley. I find this valuable on a couple of different levels. One is that it is at the confluence of the Maxwelton watershed. The area is rich in bird activity. Secondly, since it is private land, there is very little human disturbance. Neither I nor the birds are disturbed by someone walking their dog, or getting their daily exercise at the same time that I am trying to focus. Makes a huge difference. Ebey’s Landing, a public place, used to be a super place to watch Common Loons up and down the shore. I drive by when I am in the neighborhood now, but I seldom stop. Too many people, all having a good time, but not at all sensitive to the wildlife. I haven’t seen a Loon there in at least a couple of years, if not much longer.

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