The One that Got Away

For the last couple of days, I have been engaged in searching for my misplaced cell phone. Just short of apoplexy I found the offending phone and decided that my supply of birds had suffered. The day was waning, and rain was threatening, but by golly, the Bird of the Day must go on. I donned my tree suit (camo) and sat for a half an hour or so under Carole’s feeder. The usual neighborhood showed up, Juncos,Towhees, Jays, Gold-crowned, House, and Song Sparrows, Chickadees, even a Woodpecker, but there were two (I know that I said one, but – journalistic license) that eluded my shutter finger; two that would have been the chocolate frosting on the cake. While I was setting up in Carole’s yard, she told me that she thought she saw a Red-breasted Sapsucker just leaving; and a Bush Tit sat long enough for me to get two irretrievably underexposed frames before it was gone. Oh well, they’ll be back.

Albert in his Tree Suit. Just about had a Chickadee land on one of his branches.

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