There is a Season

Just wanted to acknowledge Spring. For quite some time the Bird of the Day has been focused on what’s new and exciting out there. At other times I’ve made comments on “ordinariness,” but anything can be ordinary if its presence is common. There are lots of birds on Whidbey that I have not encountered, but there also lots that I have encountered. They are becoming old friends that I am getting to know better each day. They can be considered common, even ordinary, but old friends become very precious, even extraordinary when you share time with them.

With the advent of Spring, the Winter birds are moving on and the Summer ones are arriving. I have had reports of Rufous Hummingbirds (actually had a fleeting glimpse of one). There are Swallows, Pine Siskins, and House Finches now when there wasn’t a few weeks ago. When I see them, you will see them. If you haven’t met, I will introduce you. If you have met I’m happy to share. In spite of all of the awful things happening in the world today, the universe is full of creation and life – beautiful life.

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