Ernie Rose

Maybe birds are in my genes. I want to introduce you to my cousin Ernie. Ernie lives in Shoreline, one of Seattle’s northern suburbs. Ernie is retired after an accomplished career as an ornithologist with the Washington Park Zoo with a specialty in raptors. Ernie and I stay in touch on bird and family matters. He agreed that I could share some of his bird smarts with you.

Every spring he follows the family life of a pair of Peregrine Falcons living in downtown Seattle. Peregrines are magnificent birds in the wild, but you may not know that they also take to urban environments. They nest on the ledges of tall buildings in our cities and hunt Rock Doves (Park Pigeons). The current residents of 1201 Third Ave., Seattle are Lena and Spike. Lena has recently laid her third egg. We may get a fourth, or not. Ernie will keep us posted as this family develops. This is not their first brood. They are experienced parents. Hope you have as much fun as I do watching these eggs turn into mature Falcons that leave the nest for their own lives and families.

Lena on her nest.


Thanks Albert. Two small corrections.
I worked at Woodland Park Zoo as a Zookeeper
Not Washington Park Zoo as sn Ornithologist.

Should check my sources more carefully. What kind of credentials makes one an ornithologist? Thanks for sharing.

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