KISS me baby (Keep It Simple Stupid)

It’s coming up on a year since my last blog post. I never promised anything too regular, but this isn’t exactly what I intended. I thought, wow, I could express some thoughts and would get some enlightened responses. Instead what I’ve done is buried myself in profundity and elicited come-ons for the next best and greatest porn experience, or someone else’s opinion on how my website should be run.

Too much profundity. So today’s word of wisdom –

It’s not a matter of getting everything done, or even of trying to do everything. My goodness, everything is alot. It’s a matter of doing what needs to be done as best benefits the time allotted to the situation at hand. In other words, what is called for at this particular time and space, this particular piece of forever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got something else to do.

PROFOUND Version-2 3/15/2021

Is it always the renowned
That are profound?

Perhaps not,
I thought.

So I tried,
(With the greatest of pride)
And found
My voice
A good choice.

Now I’ve got
A fecundity
Of redundity
In profundity.


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