New Birding Sites

Visited another new, and private site today. Sorry, I can’t advertise the location or owner other than to say that it was along Saratoga Passage. These places are inspiring. They fill me with a sense of adventure, as well as giving me access to more birds.

Let me know what you think about Bird of the Day and how we are doing.


I’m currently working in the Yosemite library where I recently catalogued one intriguing book—What It’s Like to be a Bird, by Sibley—and one irreverent, not-for-children book—The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America, by Kracht. My favorite bird here is the acorn woodpecker, which sounds like a squeaky screen door, but I have an ongoing daily chat with a raven. Albert’s pictures are brilliantly alive. He captures each bird’s personality with his discerning eye.

I like the introduction in the BOTD email with serious bird talk in the bird blog.
Looking forward to some pigeon gullimot (sp?) as there was an interesting article in the Whidbey Record recently.

The guillemots are here year round, Their non-breeding plumage is dramatically different than the breeding and it took me a while to understand what I was looking at. They aren’t nearly as prolific as other species which limits sightings somewhat, and they are sea birds so you won’t find them at your feeder.

As you well know, Bird of the Day is a developing project. I have thousands of pictures, but only part of them are in my database. I’ll post a sample of each, breeding and non-breeding when I find them.

Thank you for all that you do.

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